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Maintaining a Plot

Some Basic Guidelines for Gardeners

  1. We are primarily an organic garden, practicing integrated pest management. Gardeners are expected to avoid hazardous herbicides and pesticides.
  2. Plots must be clean and planted by May 15th.
  3. Weeding of the plot and adjacent paths and fences is the responsibility of the plot owner.
  4. Gardeners must be able to foresee spending a minimum of two to three hours every week for the duration of the growing season working in and around their plots.
  5. Plots must be prepared for the winter by the second week in December, meaning dead plant material and stakes, etc. are removed and, ideally, a cover crop is planted.
  6. No trees on plots.
  7. If a gardener wants someone to work the plot or pick vegetables when the gardener is away or sick, please inform the executive committee.
  8. Gardeners are not authorized to give away their plots.

View PDF of garden plots at the Summer Winter Garden.

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